A Copier Contract Gets Rejected by a Memphis City School Board

The Commercial Appeal reports that Memphis City Schools will not be renewing a contract with copier distributors.

“Because the school board could not make sense of an amorphous proposal that essentially would let one vendor prescribe what the contract should be.”

Superintendent Kriner Cash was the man who pulled the proposal from the proposal drawing board due to disagreements with other members and vendors.

“Cash recommended the board give IKON/Ricoh a print management contract to assess the district copier fleet and streamline its efficiency. He also recommended that IKON get a separate contract of indeterminate amount as the district’s sole contractor for copier equipment, ending a hodgepodge of supply costs and maintenance contracts for a multitude of copiers principals have leased on their own.”

He wanted to give too much power to IKON, according to arguments from the other side.

“Vendors and board members told Cash they could not see giving IKON an inside view of the district’s need and then letting it lease it the goods.”

What does this leave contracts in school districts? It appears that competitors are more forward in securing their place in the copier industry and board members, at least in certain districts, do not want a single vendor to have a monopoly in academia.

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