A New Copier is added to the HP Lineup

HP has had a lot of success in the copier world, and they are hoping to do it yet again with their new device that is aimed at businesses. The device is known as a multifunction device, as it’s being based on a copier technology and is also giving users a way to print things from a network.

There are two series, the 9055 and the 9065. The 9055 model is geared more towards department and workplace usage, and can print an amazing 55 PPM. However, with a price tag of $18,000, it’s not the best choice for people who want it for personal use. On the other hand, the 9065 has a printing capability of 65 PPM and has an even higher price tag of around $25,000.

HP will be adding another model as well which is the model 9085 which retails for a whopping $37,000, and has a printing speed of about 85 PPM. This printer is not available at the moment as HP is still tweaking it in some ways. This printer is going to be geared at high volume jobs or documents that are specialized.

HP has also announced a new technology that is going to help all businesses who use this copier to cut costs. The Form Automation System is going to allow a company form to be printed out, and a customer will be able to use a new digital pen to capture their information they write on the form digitally.

HP reported that each of the transactions done with this new technology will go from 90 cents to 20 cents per transaction. This technology is only going to be able to be used with the HP LaserJet printers, and for users who have the LaserJet 4600, there is software that can be installed. HP is also released the LaserJet 3700 and the LaserJet 3500 to their lineup.

Businesses that are going to be targeted include financial institutes as well as health care providers. The software is going to run about $45,000, and the digital pen will run about $200.

For those who will be purchasing the device, be prepared to sign up on a 2 year service contract, and the service is going to be directly through HP’s provider, Ikon Office Solutions.

HP is aiming at helping to reduce the amount of printers and copiers on the network as well as reducing costs by software improvements. HP is aiming to helping business -users all over the world to reduce wherever possible. For example, they helped one customer go from 300 devices to 136 devices on the network.

HP is always working at continuing to provide quality devices for its customers, and this is yet another way that HP keeps businesses in mind.

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