Are Copy Machines Becoming Obselete?

The Moderate Voice makes an good point regarding the usefulness of full-blown copy machines for the average person. It does this by comparing the capabilities of smartphones to functions that copy machines are designed for.

“With my phone in hand, I looked up at the young man helping me and said “can you make a photocopy of this page so I can take it home with me?” He looked straight at my phone and said ‘that has a camera in it, right?’

I felt silly and chuckled. My friends who were with me laughed at me and the irony of the situation. I snapped a picture of the sheet of paper… The phone worked perfectly for that situation. The young man was right. No need for an expensive photocopier… all of his customers are carrying smart phones.”

This point may ring true for many of us who own a smartphone yet don’t know how to use it to its full potential or forget what it can actually do. Yes, taking a photo of a document can be essentially similar to scanning it and copying a page.

Despite this, the comparison really aims at average users rather than businesses or enterprise sectors. It would be silly for enterprise users to be taking a bunch of iPhone photos of professional documents and presenting those images in important conferences.

A copy machine will present a good-quality copy that is also presentable while an iPhone or Android handset photo may not — especially if the lighting or crop is off. The landscape is changing though with more technologies merging or offering features that dedicated devices used to specialize in.

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