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Canon Announces New Lineup of Laser Copiers for SMBs

There will soon be new options for small-and-medium businesses to consider in the form of Canon laser copiers in the imageClass lineup. There will be three options in the form of D1370, D1350 and D1320 models. According to Ecoustics, these … Continue reading

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Xerox Undergoing Major Changes

Xerox is undergoing major changes to the way the company operates, according to DemocratAndChronicle. The company has traditionally focused on manufacturing products such as copy machines and printers. However, it will now be focusing its efforts on business services rather … Continue reading

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Beware of Malware Sent from In-House Copiers or All-In-One Devices

According to Information Week, various malware attacks are being sent in a way to make users think they are opening an e-mail attachment from a co-worker. They fool users into thinking the message was sent from an in-house copier or … Continue reading

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Canon and Oracle Team Up to Merge Copiers, Printers with Database Software

PC World reports that Canon has recently decided to work together with Oracle in order to improve various software functionality on their copiers and printers. The partnership will focus on document processing technology. The software will also link a variety … Continue reading

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Are Copy Machines Becoming Obselete?

The Moderate Voice makes an good point regarding the usefulness of full-blown copy machines for the average person. It does this by comparing the capabilities of smartphones to functions that copy machines are designed for. “With my phone in hand, … Continue reading

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Paper Pages Still Going Strong

According to Market Watch, the paper-based printed page still has some life in it. “The death of the printed page has been greatly exaggerated, and although print volume will remain relatively flat between 2010 and 2015 (0.1% CAGR), combined U.S. … Continue reading

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Back to School Causes Campuses to Reinstall Copiers

Guilford College’s The Guilfordian reports that campuses, such as Guilford College, have to deal with reinstalling copiers and dealing with contract agreements. “Following the summer’s end, the leases on the copy machines throughout campus were up for renewal, and the … Continue reading

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Some Things to Look for When Purchasing Copiers

I ran into an interesting article from TechGadgetWeb that centers around printers, but can be applied to copiers as well. It lists the top three things to watch out for when purchasing a new device. Here is what they are … Continue reading

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How to Prevent Copier Industry from Wasting Your Money

An article was posted by Copiers Refurbished that shows five different ways the copier industry wastes consumer money and gives possible ways to prevent it. Some of these things to look out for seem obvious because of how in-grained they … Continue reading

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Fuji Xerox Aims to Become a Print Service Provider

ChannelNewsAsia reports that Fuji Xerox is expanding a print or document outsourcing service — and moving away from being just a hardware-selling manufacturer of copiers and printers. “It [Fuji Xerox] it will focus on becoming a printing service provider rather … Continue reading

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