Canon Copiers: Helpful Information To Know

Everything You Could Want to Know About Canon Copiers

Businesses all over the world are putting copiers to use, and Canon copiers are great business solutions. Canon is a well-known brand name and has a wide variety of copiers to offer users. Choose from desktop models, and ones that are designed for production, or workgroup. Here is a breakdown of a few of the many Canon copiers that are available on the market nowadays.

Desktop Canon Copiers

A desktop copier utilizes digital technology, and also offers features that are going to give you the ability to be more productive whether you are at home or at the office. Here are a few of the many desktop copiers by Canon.

Image Runner 1023N

This is a multi-function copier that can also be used as a color scanner. It also features a high-quality printer that operates on a speed of 25 ppm. The amazing Canon technology that is in this copier helps it to work at top speeds and can help decrease energy use while saving you money.

Image Runner 1025iF

This is another Canon copier that too operates at a speed of 25 ppm. This copier features the capability to fax, and also offers document distribution in color.

Workgroup Copiers

Workgroup copiers are another line that Canon offers. These copiers have been designed to not only meet budgets, but also workgroups. These copiers range in speed from 10 to 30 ppm. Here are just a few of these copiers.

Image Runner 2018i

This Canon copier has the ability to run at speeds of up to 18 ppm. This copier offers users digital copying as well as network printing. Users can also take advantage of the faxing capabilities. You can now have the capability to also scan two sided documents with ease.

Image Runner 2031i

This copier by Canon has the ability to run at an amazing speed of 30 ppm. This copier can also help to reduce the size of any document that is scanned all without lacking on quality.

Department Copiers

Canon designs copiers that are also great for departments and the many demands of them. These copiers have the ability to run at speeds ranging from 22 all the way to 75 ppm. A few of these types of copiers include:

Image Runner 5075

This copier operates at about 75 ppm, and boasts an advanced document handling capability including Single Pass Duplex Scanner/Feeder. It also has saddle stitch finishing. This is the perfect copier for departments as well as light offices.

Image Runner 3235i

This is a copier that is multi-functional and can operate at 35 ppm. This Canon copier comes with a USB memory support, meaning that you can either scan or print your color documents.
These Canon copiers are just a small variety of the many copiers offered. Each one has its features that are designed to meet your needs as well as your budget. Canon has been a well-known name to the copier and printer market for years, and with a name like this, no matter what your choice is, you can’t go wrong.

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