High Marks for Panasonic KV-S1046C Document Scanner

Panasonic is glowing after receiving high marks for its new KV-S1046C document scanner. The company announced recently that the scanner received the coveted “Highly Recommended” rating from Buyer’s Lab LLC, one of the most respected providers of critical intelligence for products in the imaging industry. As noted in Panasonic’s October 2nd press release, over a two week period, Buyer’s Lab subjected the KV-S1046C to a variety of tests including a tortuous 10,000 sheet durability test. In pinning the “Highly Recommended” badge on the device, Buyer’s Lab noted a long list of key attributes including:


- High Reliability
- Faster than average scan speeds of 200 dpi
- Higher than average OCR accuracy for all documents tested
- Larger than average ADF capability
- Scans long documents up to 100 inches – key attribute for documents in the health care industry

- no slow down when duplex scanning

- Up to 50 scan profiles

- Easy to install and simple user maintenance procedures

- Bundled three year limited warranty

- Eighteen control sheets help automate batch scanning

- Change settings via bar code recognition

- Optional Flatbed Scan Mode

- Optional KOFAX VRS elite bundle


“The Panasonic KV-S1046C proved to be a strong overall competitor against similarly equipped  A4 scanners in this speed range” stated in September by the comprehensive BLI laboratory  evaluation committee.


Style And Performance

For such performance, the KV-S1046C has a sleek, compact design and an intuitive button layout.  It’s small footprint allows it to be placed and operated in crowed environments like reception desks, hospital counters, desktops, or other space confined areas.  Even with its compact body, the device handles a wide variety of documents with different lengths and thicknesses.  It seemlessly combines paper documents along with items with completely different shapes and thicknesses like driver’s licenses or credit cards, in a single batch by using the mixed document batch guide.  Its intuitive button layout conveniently  automates settings that are complicated in other scanners.


Power Saving

The KV-S1046C has three power saving functions that complement the overall device features:


LED Lighting – The scanning section uses LEDs for its light source to lower power consumption while scanning.

Sleep Mode – Power consumption is suppressed to one watt maximum during sleep mode to save energy while the scanner is not being used.

Power Auto Off – The power automatically turns off at a pre-set time to cut down on wasted electricity.  Approximately 0.3 watts of electricity is consumed when the power is off.


Image Processing Functions


Format Variety

The KV-1046C allows images to be saved in a variety of formats like PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and BMP.  Scanned data can also be moved and saved in one step.


Automatic Image Orientation

This feature automatically rotates documents to the proper orientation based on text and image, no matter how the document is placed in the scanner.  This feature saves time when a variety different documents are scanned at the same time.


Sleek, Powerful, and Reliable

The Panasonic KV-S1046C work group document scanner is a powerfully efficient, device that combines reliability with simple to use intuitive functions.  The scanner is available through authorized Panasonic re-sellers starting at a suggested retail price of $1,295.


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