How to Prevent Copier Industry from Wasting Your Money

An article was posted by Copiers Refurbished that shows five different ways the copier industry wastes consumer money and gives possible ways to prevent it.

Some of these things to look out for seem obvious because of how in-grained they are into consumers’ minds. Here are the five ways in which manufacturers, or the industry as a whole, can waste your bottom money as a customer:

“First, manufacturers fail to inform their customers that while manufacturers are able to reap profits on new copiers, used copiers do not provide additional profit to copier manufacturers.”

This means that manufacturers can make money on peripherals, but not the actual hardware of copiers — so they will want to sell brand new ones constantly.

“Second, new copiers are not any better than used copiers.”

This means you, as the consumer, would be smart to get a cheaper — but in working shape — copier, rather than pay premium for a new copier.

“Third, copier supplies usually end up costing more than a brand new copier”

The industry is designed to make you keep spending on supplies. Maybe purchasing supplies in bulk, at a bargain, can alleviate some of this spending.

“Fourth, the true cost of a copier should involve factoring in maintenance.”

This means you should factor in maintenance as part of actual costs.

“Fifth, new Copiers Lose Value the Moment they’re Purchased”

Be aware of the premiums and dollar waste that occurs as a result of purchasing a new copier over a used one.

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