HP Announces new Officejet Pro and LaserJet Printers

HP announced its largest and most ambitious product upgrade in decade with the Wednesday announcement of its new Officejet Pro and LaserJet commercial printer offerings. The new machines showcase HP’s dedication to innovation and leadership in the copy and print industry.


HP Officejet Pro X Series

The new Officejet Pro X desktop and multifunction printers (MFPs) will amazingly provide double the output of its predecessor at half the printing cost.  HP plans a Spring 2013 commercial availability for the machine and promises to deliver on the impressive page per minute benchmarks.  The Officejet Pro X is powered by HP’s PageWide technology, an HP engineering innovation that takes commercial printing technologies and scales them to a small work-team application.  Thousands of tiny nozzles built into an immobile print head that scans the width of the page, simultaneously deliver four colors of HP pigment ink onto a moving sheet of paper.  HP is able to reach the remarkable output of 70 ppm because teh paper moves while the print head remains stationary.  Key elements of the PageWide technology platform as detailed in a HP Product description include:

  • A page wide array of 42,240 nozzles that produce ink drops with uniform drop weight, speed and trajectory.
  • 1200 nozzles per inch native resolution for consistently high print quality.
  • HP Pigment inks that provide controlled ink, paper interaction, color saturation, sharp text, and rapid drying.
  • Precise control of paper motion for dependable print quality.
The Officejet Pro X is set to debut in Spring 2013 and will be available in a black and white, color, or multifunction (print/scan/copy/fax) configuration.
HP LaserJet Enterprise flow
The new LaserJet Enterprise flow MFP promises to continue HP’s history of providing outstanding quality and performance in a small or medium business machine.  The LaserJet Enterprise flow, which will debut in Spring 2013 along with the Officejet Pro, will offer high performance document processing and sharing features.  Available in black and white, (MFP M525c) or color (MFP M575c) the new laser jet printers combine high end printing with copying, printing, scanning, and faxing.
The LaserJet with Enterprise flow will also enable content management and security features for the strictest of environments like banks, legal firms, hospitals, and stock exchanges.  The cloud based offering increases collaboration and productivity by easily capturing, indexing, storing, searching, and retrieving documents.  On a stand alone basis, the new LaserJet will provide fast, powerful and reliable prints while reducing the complexity of the print environment in a small footprint for tight workspaces.  The machine produces brilliant prints in black and white or color, and has an industry leading monthly duty cycle.
“Our customers need innovative technology tailored to their workflow that is simple and effective,” said Todd Bradley, Executive Vice President, HP Printing and Personal Systems.  ”HP is offering new ways to print that have not been previously possible – with superb speed and performance to drive to a new level of office efficiency.”
With the Spring release of  the Officejet Pro X and the LaserJet Enterprise Flow, HP continues to evolve and innovate while providing technical leadership in the copy and print industry.
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