Metrofuser Encourages Laser Devices to Be Power Conditioned

Metrofuser, a laser part manufacturer, has issued a press release that goes into detail about why laser printers or copiers should be power conditioned..

“The company’s research reveals a significant percentage of failures can be traced back to dirty power delivery to these devices. Metrofuser is launching a campaign to educate service providers on the risks of running printers, copiers and MFP’s without power conditioning devices and how to provide solutions.”

The press release explains that Metrofuser conducted extensive research showing how voltage inconsistencies can cause massive damage to hardware. Energy needs to be consistent and with voltage at adequate levels — for devices to function correctly and for long periods of time.

They also recommend companies to utilize power protection products like one made by ESP — called NextGen PCS.

“ESP’s latest Power Conditioning System, the NextGen PCS, records power events such as over-voltage, under-voltage, surge, and power outages occurring in your customer’s environment.  Using the optional NextGen interface, technicians can connect their PCs to export the filter’s event history or view it onsite, allowing them to quickly diagnose and eliminate power quality issues affecting the dependability and reliability of the installed Copier, Printer, or MFP device.”

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