Mobile Apps Drive Copy/Print use

With the press of a few buttons on your smartphone or tablet, what used to be too much bother is now becoming a driver in digital copy and print use. I admit, I’ve got hundreds of photos on my cellphone that would look awesome in a frame – I just never seem to have time to transfer the files to my PC or copier and pressing PRINT.
Now with the plethora of awesome apps that allow me to connect wirelessly to my copier/printer. I just press a few icons and wait to hear the sound a new photo printing away – Awesome.
Industry experts think this trend will continue as more consumers purchase smartphones and tablets and become aware of new ways to use these devices. Connectivity is the key. The user must have a wireless copier first of all, and then they need a smartphone with an app that provides a path for the device with all the vacation photos, to the copier/printer. How can this affect copier industry as a whole? Copier companies are getting more and more in tune with enabling wireless within their products and the app developers are creating slick new apps that are making it easier for people to connect to those devices when at home or away.
So where do you begin? Well, step 1 is to do a thorough copier comparison to quickly weed out any models that don’t have wireless connectivity as a feature. Next, compare native support for the type of wireless connection you have or plan to use. And lastly, figure out which model has an app that’s available for your device, not all of them do, and in my case, the app was available but didn’t work on my device
As apps continue to evolve, their usefulness and compatibility will continue to grow as well. All of this enhances the overall copier ecosystem of digital photos and printing.
Don’t know where to start? Here are some suggestions to get you going. First, as I mentioned earlier, it’s essential to have a wireless copier or printer. All of the major brands now have wireless SKUs at even their most basic tiers so make sure this is a component in your next copier purchase. Next, a smartphone is essential, as it’s the gateway between your treasure trove of pictures and the copier in your home office. And finally, search for an app that supports your copier. The list of available apps is growing by the day and I’ll have a review of the best of the bunch in a future Blog. Suffice it to say, there are plenty of good apps out there but there’s also a lot of junk that’s pretty much a waste of time. Which one goes best with your copier and smartphone is a little bit of trial and error. Happy Apping!

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