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Some Things to Look for When Purchasing Copiers

I ran into an interesting article from TechGadgetWeb that centers around printers, but can be applied to copiers as well. It lists the top three things to watch out for when purchasing a new device. Here is what they are … Continue reading

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How to Prevent Copier Industry from Wasting Your Money

An article was posted by Copiers Refurbished that shows five different ways the copier industry wastes consumer money and gives possible ways to prevent it. Some of these things to look out for seem obvious because of how in-grained they … Continue reading

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A New Copier is added to the HP Lineup

HP has had a lot of success in the copier world, and they are hoping to do it yet again with their new device that is aimed at businesses. The device is known as a multifunction device, as it’s being … Continue reading

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