The Official Review of the Lexmark X422 MFP 22PPM 128MB

The Lexmark X422 MFP multifunction device is geared towards small workplaces, although, just about any office workplace would be lucky and happy to have this printer and copier. This device is constructed around a 22 PPM laser engine, and has the ability to scan documents at a rate of 16 PPM. This multifunction copier has the ability to scan, fax, copy, and print PC sent documents in a duplex mode which is great for cutting back on the cost of paper.

This printer looks like a desktop sized printer that has a scanner mounted on it as well. There are legs on the scanner making it easier to get to the bin between the scanner and the printer. This device weighs in at about 45 lbs., and it’s easy enough for one person to carry. The manual however, claims two people are needed; one to lift the device, and the other to move around things. The device measures in at 19.5 x 16.25 and is small enough to fit on your desk while still having enough room. Its 16.25 height can make it a little imposing.

Setting this copier up is simple and easy, and the ink cartridges come installed as well. Simply take it out of the box, remove all of the materials, and snap it into place. Setting it up on the network is a breeze as the device is automatically fond on the network. This is a big step for Lexmark.

The printing speed this multifunction device offers is rather impressive. The text that is printed is great as well and is easy to read. Photos as well as other graphics print out at 600-dpi, which is a little less than amazing but the quality is still good.

This printer offers a pared-down panel which includes different function buttons for sending e-mail, faxing, copying, and printing. There’s also a number pad that you use when sending a fax out.

There’s an automatic document feeder which measures at about 31 inches in height, so just be sure there’s a good amount of room for this device. There’s even an additional paper tray that is optional. This is a multifunction printer that handles speedy printing as well as flexibility for the office.

This device runs about 41479, and also offers users an Ethernet connection, and also offers an automatic duplexer. It’s quite similar to the IBM Infoprint 1410, and the both of these printers defeat competitors.

This is a rather impressive multifunction printer and if you’re the type of person that isn’t concerned with the quality of printing, this printer definitely ranks near the top of any shopping list.

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