Xerox Undergoing Major Changes

Xerox is undergoing major changes to the way the company operates, according to DemocratAndChronicle. The company has traditionally focused on manufacturing products such as copy machines and printers. However, it will now be focusing its efforts on business services rather than consumer or public goods.

The shift comes as a result of the leadership of company CEO Ursula Burns. Burns wants to see the company target business services now.

“Xerox is heading down a road that will see it focus more on providing human resources outsourcing, information technology consulting and customer care services than on building, selling and servicing office equipment and big digital printing presses.”

This makes sense because of the fact copiers, printers, and all-in-one machines are becoming more accessible in the home and cheaper. The quality difference is declining. More work is also being produced digitally than ever. However, there will always be room for efficient copiers and lets hope Xerox will continue to deliver in this regard somehow.

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